Friday, October 31, 2014

Millicent and Stephen's Elegant Ballroom Wedding at Birmingham Alabama's Hyatt Wynfrey Hotel

When bride Millicent first met with me, she described a fabulous wedding in the newly refurbished grand ballroom at the Hyatt Wynfrey Hotel in Birmingham Alabama.  The idea of her ceremony and reception sharing the same space was extremely appealing to her and this would also maximize money spent on her decor.    Her photographer Jerrod Brown is among a top team of wedding professionals to capture the days' events.  Thank you Jerrod for all of these gorgeous images!

The day started with all of Millicent's girls surrounding her in the Presidential Suite at The Wynfrey Hotel.  Each girl was given a special gift of floral printed robes to wear while getting ready and champagne flowed throughout the afternoon!

Ready to get into her gown and begin the day starting with a first look with her groom Stephen!  This sweet little flower girl looks on and is probably dreaming of her own wedding day far off into the future!!

Precious baby girl, watches the beautiful bride's day unfold.....

Millicent gets a little help tying her bow from our little flower girl

Stephen and the guys are all dressed and ready to go!  

Exquisite detail of gorgeous jewels and the back of her gown

A touching a sweet moment with Mom before the day's events

Simply gorgeous!

Before seeing her groom, Father of the bride gets a first look of his precious daughter as a bride

                                       Handsome groom Stephen waiting anxiously for his bride

Well worth the wait!!

Elated and smiling for photographer teams

Gorgeous floral design by Mandy Majerik of Hot House Design Studio

Beautiful bridesmaids surround our bride Millicent on the happiest day

The coolest guys.....

The ballroom is set with elegant linen chair covers of Ivory tied with a champagne satin sash

The aisle to the alter area lined with towers of white florals surrounded by a variety of candles and succulents 

Alter area is draped with white sheer draping, beautifully lit with uplights and candlelights...  The fabulous lighting and draping is thanks to Andy Tolar with Design Productions LLC

                             The pre-function area at the The Hyatt Wynfrey Hotel was designed to be a                           comfortable lounge for the guests.  Lighting design by Design Productions LLC and the lounge furniture and decor all furnished by floral designer Mandy Majerik of Hot House Design   Studio

                                                        I love the details from this wedding

Groom Stephen sees his bride making her appearance and is completely smitten 

                                   Proud Daddy walking his daughter down the aisle

An absolutely gorgeous wedding cake with elegance and a little bit of bling!

                                With the ceremony complete and guests out in the pre-function area enjoying cocktails and hor'deorves, the staff and vendors were busy moving chairs and air walls and tables to transform this entire ballroom from ceremony/worship space to an elegant and enchanting reception.  Mandy Majerik and her team with Hot House Design Studio began moving our tall arrangements and candles first used as pew markers that framed our aisle to elegant table centerpieces.  This is an excellent use of all the floral design used throughout the entire event.

                        What was once our alter area for the ceremony now becomes a gorgeous frame around                                                                 the brides beautiful cake

                                                            Sweet treats for all the guests

                                                     A first dance for our happy couple

Daddy's little girl

Mama dances with her son

                             Sparklers and a festive send off for this happy bride and groom!

Thank you so much to The Hyatt- Wynfrey Hotel in Birmingham Alabama for hosting this gorgeous wedding ceremony and reception, Mandy Majerik and all the staff from Hot House Design Studio, Andy Tolar and his staff with Design Productions LLC, Geoff Carlisle with Jamm Entertainment for providing wonderful music and endless entertainment for all the guests, Sweet Spot Confections for this gorgeous wedding cake, Jerrod Brown of Jerrod Brown Studios for all of these absolutely stunning images and John and Angela Deaver of Main Street Productions for a fabulous film including a "same day edit" where the shot footage throughout the entire day, edited and featured the finished product to guests during the reception!   In addition to the "same day edit", Main Street provided a Live Stream of the entire ceremony over the internet so guests not able to attend could see the ceremony live and on air...  A wonderful compliment to this extraordinary day!  Thank you to this fabulous team of wedding professionals!!  



Monday, October 13, 2014

Donnelly House Summer Romance Wedding for Gillian and Christopher

Bride Gillian had visions of an outdoor garden wedding straight out of a Summer romance novel and the Donnelly House in downtown Birmingham Alabama was the perfect location to make this bride's dreams come true!  We had a fabulous team of wedding professionals create and capture the beautiful day including the absolutely wonderful Allison Lewis of Allison Lewis Photography who took all these gorgeous images!

                                          Beautiful wedding shoes draped with Southern Pearls

Sweet maid of honor helps Bride Gillian put her shoes on while her Mom is tickled watching in the background.....

An heirloom strand of pearls from Mom

Finally time for that first look!  A little nervous and emotions are high and exciting....

All of these gorgeous florals were created by Mandy Majerik of Hot House Design Studio

Adorned with her accessories, Bride Jillian takes a walk through her garden ceremony site

Precious flower girl holding bride Gillian's bridal bouquet

Love when couples make their fur children part of their wedding day!  This is the cutest dog and she truly smiled all day long!

Having your "fur children"/pet puppy dogs as part of your wedding day is so personal and touching.  I know these loving dogs love to be included as well

Gorgeous pew markers of pink hydrangea kept nice and cool in individual tubes of water..

Another look at the breathtaking bridal bouquet from Mandy Majerik of Hot House Design Studio

Bridesmaids bouquets all lined up and ready for the ceremony to begin

A peek at the front of this fabulous venue, The Donnelly House, and as a surprise to the Groom from his bride, instead of a Groom's cake we have Steel City Pops out of Birmingham Alabama!  Perfect for a hot August outdoor wedding day!

Our bride Gillian loves Strawberry lemonade so to offer more refreshing options for our wedding guests,  our caterer Kathy G & Company displays a beautiful line of Strawberry, Raspberry and Lemon Lime Lemonade

A simple and beautiful centerpiece on our guest seating tables of clear glass and pink hydrangea surrounded by votive candles

Pink and white rose petals complete the elegant look

Gorgeous and yummy wedding cake with pink flowers and green accents grace the entrance to the venue

Along with a unity candle display, the lit candles represent those loved ones who have passed with these glowing flames in place of their physical presence 

About to walk down the aisle, bride Gillian looks on as guests arrive to the ceremony site.  John Deaver of Main Street Productions films some footage of this precious moment while bride Gillian is completely unaware of his presence.. 

Bridesmaids pretty in pink with gorgeous pink and green bouquets are lined up for the processional

Our bride carried this small bouquet when she was a flower girl and is now handing it down to her flower girl on her wedding day...

Prayers and thoughts before walking down the aisle

One of my favorite images from this wedding;  Daddy holding his daughter's hand during prayer - about to let her go  :-)

Mr. and Mrs. have their first dance together to music provided that night by Geoff Carlisle of Jamm Entertainment in Birmingham Alabama

A dance with daddy

A beautiful life ahead for Jillian and Christopher!!!

Thank you so much to this wonderful team of wedding professionals including The Donnelly House, Mandy Majerik of Hot House Design StudioKathy G & Company, Geoff Carlisle with Jamm EntertainmentMain Street ProductionsRare Transportation  and of course the fabulous Allison Lewis of Allison Lewis Photography for all of these gorgeous images!!


Anita Casano Kanellis
Wedding Planner